Project Spark was a game making title from Microsoft, the only title from a newly formed team of developers called Team Dakota. Announced at E3 2013 the game launched its Open Beta in March 2014. It allowed ordinary gamers on PC and Xbox One to create their own games for free, with the option to buy additional props and tools. It launched in Oct 2014 and went completely free with all micro-transactions removed in October 2015. Gamers could post up their creations to the cloud for others to play and remix. The community posted up roughly a quarter of a million levels. In August 2016, 22 months after launch, they closed down the community servers, so no one could play anyone else’s games. The massive collection of creativity was gone. They were gone…but not forgotten. This archive searches through YouTube and other websites to archive as many clips and screenshots of games that were created by the community of Project Spark. It is also an outlet for new creations that are still being made by fans of the game, even after the shutdown.

The compiler of this website, LadylexUK would like to thank all the creators and YouTubers who have put time and effort into making games and videos for others to enjoy.



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